Breast Cancer Center

Breast Cancer Center

In April 2016, Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou established a “breast cancer center” for breast cancer treatment, bringing together a multidisciplinary team of experts, and introducing advanced treatment techniques, and continuing breast cancer research to further enhance the success rate, or even completely cure in early-stage breast cancer.

Treatment of early-stage breast cancer has better prognosis

Breast cancer is one of the solid tumors that is considered easiest to treat, as long as it was detected and treated early. The 5-year cure rate of Breast Cancer Stage I is 90% to 95%, while it is 70% to 80% for Breast Cancer Stage II, 50% to 60% for Stage III and below 10% for Stage IV. As seen from the data, early treatment of breast cancer is very effective, and the hazards of breast cancer in the latter stage are very great. However, since the symptoms of breast cancer in the early stage is not obvious, many patients tend to ignore them and do not undergo breast cancer screening, and even if they were diagnosed, they also refused treatment, and ultimately wait for it to turn into late stage where they can feel the pain and in the brink of death that they will decide to seek for treatment. Director of the “Breast Cancer Center,” Dai Wenyan mentioned that breast cancer awareness in very important thus the Breast Cancer Center was establish complete with a breast cancer screening system, Multi-disciplinary team of doctors for consultation, and focusing on early breast cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment, utilizing advance technologies to minimize pain and cost and ultimately to achieve the purpose of early breast cancer cure.

A variety of advanced technology, the perfect defense against breast cancer

For the treatment of advanced breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Center also adheres to the same principle of minimum pain and the least cost. According to Director Dai, the Breast Cancer Center mainly utilizes minimally invasive treatment with breast reconstruction as the technical main treatment. The minimally invasive techniques provide another option besides the traditional “surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy,” providing less trauma, less toxic side effects, and quicker recovery. Breast reconstruction can be used for patients who have undergone radical mastectomy. This can help patients maintain their ideal body image and boost their confidence. These technologies are designed to meet the patients wish to preserve their breast. “In practicing medicine for many years, I have seen many lost their lives because they do not want to lose their breast. Today, as the director of the Breast Cancer Center, I can tell breast cancer patients, do not deny yourself treatment because of you will lose your breast, here at Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, we will provide you the most appropriate treatment. You will not lose your beauty because of the treatment rather you will be stronger and more confident! “Director Dai said emotionally.

The establishment of the Breast Cancer Center of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou will open a whole new mode of breast disease treatment system, consisting of professional Multi-disciplinary team of experts, individualized treatment, which serves as a big leap in the standard of breast cancer treatment, protecting the female breast and the beauty of women.

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Breast self-examination method

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