Breast Cancer Is the Result of the Four Types of Harmful Emotions

Breast Cancer Is the Result of the Four Types of Harmful Emotions

The four types of harmful emotions, resentment, sulkiness, pique and rage, do harm to our physical fitness, especially to the breasts. The high incidence rate of breast cancer is more than half attributed to negative emotions.

What are the four types of harmful emotions?
1. Resentment

Resentment is a type of mood coming from hate.

2. Sulkiness

Sulkiness is an anger commonly seen between couples. Husbands and wives won’t talk to each other for a long time once they get angry with straight faces. This kind of emotional abuse will do harm to the body invisibly. It’s said that sulkiness between couples hurts health the most.

3. Pique

Pique is usually triggered when one is displeased or being blamed. All of us can be in this mood, more or less. There was a news reported that a man drawn 100 yuan from the bank in 100 times due to dissatisfaction on a long time waiting. This rash act usually harms our own rather than others.

4. Rage

Rage is easily seen in those hotheaded people. According to the five element health preserving theory, rage impairs liver. Anger results in the stagnancy of liver Qi, tightness and distending pain of chest. If let this mood drift, it will harm the body the most and even leave the traces of being raged inside the body.

According to the classical theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Huang-ti nei-ching, anger is the root cause for people get sick.

Our health will be wrecked every time when we experience any one of the above harmful emotions. Illness caused by these motions is very different from what’s caused by the external factors like wind, cold, dryness and wetness. It will damage the functions of the Zang-fu organs directly, and cause more severe diseases.

Different signs can be seen in a person’s body if he or she is always enraged. Telling from the appearance, those who have a hot temper or are always in an irritated state are usually bald. For those less severe cases, minor baldness in both sides of the forehead will be seen. Some severe cases even show narrow head top. The Los Angeles Times also reported that people who get mad easily are more likely to have freckles and more accelerated aged brain cells. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Qi will rush to the head when we lose our temper, and cause fever & loss of hair. Rage, sometimes would even cause internal hepatic bleeding. And the blood would probably lead to nagioma if the blood is not coughed out timely.

Anger results in hepatic fever, then affects the lung and causes lung fever, which later leads to insomnia. If someone’s vigor is insufficient, his Qi will go down to the abdomen and cause abdominal pain & distension, which is usually misdiagnosed as gastro-intestinal problems. If one keeps sulky always, a flow of “evil gas” will block up the abdomen & chest and then probably cause breast lobular hypertrophy, breast cancer, duodenum and stomach ulcer or even stomach bleeding.

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