breast cancer treatment

breast cancer treatment

Are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy the only choice for breast cancer treatment?

Cancer is a kind of common and fatal disease. The mortality of breast cancer ranks second among all the cancer types, which just lower than that of lung cancer. The morbidity of breast cancer is about 12.5%; about one in 35 die because of breast cancer. Women who had ever breast cancer are three to four times likely to suffer from breast cancer again.

Many patients lost their best chance of receiving treatments when they know they had breast cancer, in that the early symptoms of breast cancer are often insidious. Traditional breast cancer treatments like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy bring patients not only physical pain, but also psychological trauma.

Fortunately, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not the only way for breast cancer treatment. With the development of international minimally invasive medical technologies, cryotherapy and interventional therapy has become the new choice, which can not only kill cancer cells, lower the recurrence rate, but also remain women’s breast and the function of upper limbs just with a 2-3mm wound. Minimally invasive therapies improve the efficacy and patients’ life quality; also help them regain health and confidence.

Please do not give up if you got breast cancer. Among the multiple minimally invasive therapies in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, breast modified radical mastectomy is the first choice of breast cancer treatment. Breast modified radical mastectomy is an international therapy, which can not only kill cancer cells, lower the recurrence rate, but also remain women’s breast and their function of upper limbs. The efficacy can be greatly improved if cooperate with the interventional therapy, cryotherapy and biological immunotherapy. As a hospital accredited by the Joint Commission Institution (JCI), experts here will make the best therapeutic plan for patients and help them get the best efficacy!

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