Causes of breast cancer

Causes of breast cancer

Breast is composed of skin, fibrous tissues, mammary glands and fat. Breast cancer is malignant tumor originated in the epithelial tissue of mammary glands. 99% of breast cancer occur in women, men accounted for only 1%. In America, one out of eight women is attacked by breast cancer. Although China isn’t ranked at the top in breast cancer incidence, it’s growing 1-2% faster than those breast cancer high-incidence countries. Breast cancer has become a major public health problem of the current society.

Here is an analysis on the cause of breast cancer from a Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou

Hereditary factor: study shows that women whose mother has bilateral breast cancer before menopause would have 9 times higher risk of breast cancer incidence than other women. Breast cancer is not transferred from the mother directly, what is passed down is the so-called “cancer factor”. Of course, they may also be possible to get other cancers, but the chance of having breast cancer is the highest.

Another two key factors are early menarche and late menopause. Accordingly to statistics, women whose menarche is before 12 years old have 2.2 times higher risk than those who have their menarche after 17 years old, while women whose menopause come after 55 years old have double risk of those who have menopause before 45 years old.

Late marriages and late childbirth: cancer specialists indicated that, childbirth being protective to breast only refers to mothers who have full term delivery before 30 years old. For those who do not breastfeed before 30 years old, their risks are 1.5 higher than otherwise. However, exceedingly long breastfeeding can also raise the risk of breast cancer.

The frequent use of hormonal drugs or cosmetics: some health care products, skin care products and cosmetics contain carcinogenic ingredients, phthalates for instance, which is a chemical for softening and mostly contained in the fragrancy of cosmetics, especially nail polish. Excessive use of such cosmetics will greatly increase the chance of having breast cancer.

Ionizing radiation: mammary glands are sensitive to ionizing radiation, which can be accumulated time by time.

Excessive intake of fat or obesity: A recent UN research improved that, young women with anorexia have lower risk of having breast cancer, which suggested the intake of calories is closely related to women’s being attacked by breast cancer. Moreover, substantial restriction of caloric intake can produce anti-aging effect, reduce the risk of breast cancer and prolong life.

Therefore, it is suggested for females to learn more about breast cancer, master the methods of self-examination, establish a habit of regular self-examination and undertake breast cancer screening to prevent it.

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