How Does Interventional Therapy Treat Breast Cancer?

How Does Interventional Therapy Treat Breast Cancer?

An increasing number of international cancer patients choose cancer treatment in China. With advantages of no surgery, few side effects, strong targeting, good effect etc., minimally invasive cancer therapy is hot.

Breast cancer is the top women’s cancer with high incidence, greatly threatening women’s health. Oncologist Liu Lvguang from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou introduces one of minimally invasive therapies– interventional therapy to treat breast cancer .

According to Prof. Liu Lvguang, interventional therapy is a kind of chemotherapy with minimal harm towards breast cancer patients. With a 1-2 millimeter incision, paracentesis is performed with the guidance of medical imaging equipment like CT. A dedicated tube is inserted into the tumor part, and then anticancer drug is injected to the tumor or lesion to kill tumor accurately. The drug concentration of regional perfusion is 2-8 times higher than intravenous drip.

Subsequently, transarterial embolization is performed to cut off the tumor blood vessels so that the tumor dies out of blood supply loss. Nutrition and oxygen supplied by blood vessels are the bases for tumor to survive while capillary growing is the foundation for tumor growth. Because there are many blood vessels in a tumor, blocking the blood vessels can control the tumor growing and spreading, then starve the tumor to death.

In that the embolic agent can take the anticancer medicines to the breast tumor directly, the effect will be much higher and will not cause damage to nearby normal organs or tissues. Interventional therapy, taking advantages of small wound, no operation, fast recovery, good effect etc, has become one of popular treatment options in breast cancer patients.

At Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, professional MDT (multidisciplinary team) customizes personalized cancer treatment and care for each cancer patient, so they can receive the most-advanced, least-invasive treatment with the fewest side effects. Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, dedicated to anticancer minimally invasive techniques, has helped numerous breast cancer patients from various countries beat cancer easily.

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