Risk factors and prevention of breast cancer

Risk factors and prevention of breast cancer

Breast cancer has become one of the major killers of women. Many females are died of breast cancer every year. Most importantly, breast cancer attack is presenting a younger and multiple trend, which should have attracted greater attention of every female. It’s very important to get some knowledge of breast cancer risk factors and prevention.

Risk factors of breast cancer

There is not an agreement on the cause of breast cancer, but it is commonly agree that it is related to menstruation. Early menarche and early menopause are said easy to cause breast cancer. For women at the age of fertility, those who have ever given birth is comparatively more dangerous than those who have already delivered and breastfed.

Breast cancer prevention

1. Self-examination and regular health check up

Check your breasts regularly and go to hospital for diagnosis if any mass is found. And it is very important to have annual breast health check up.

Proper massage is helpful for breast disease prevention

Do some massage to your breasts every day can not only boost the development of breasts, but also help prevent breast diseases. But you must be gentle while massaging.

Be light-hearted

Traditional Chinese medicine esteems that depress can cause block of Qi and blood and thus cause all kinds of gynecological diseases. Therefore, maintain a relaxed mood is very helpful for breast disease prevention.

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